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#ThankfulDetroit: See how Detroiters responded

On Nov. 20, we asked Detroiters to join with us on social media outlets like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook to share why they're thankful to be a Detroiter. Lots of people participated (thank you!). We collected our favorite answers from all of the social Web below. I hope you'll check it out, and also, check out the related photo project on our Facebook page, where you can see how a group of youth from the Cody Rouge neighborhood answered that question. ... Read More

Thankful Detroit: On Tuesday, Nov. 20, share why you love being a Detroiter

What makes you thankful to be a Detroiter? This question, and about 100 answers to it, popped into my mind recently when The Parade Company unveiled the newest Skillman Foundation float design contest winner. It’s a colorful new float called “Color Art Studio” that features cartoonish looking kids painting and sculpting away in a dream-like art studio. ... Read More

Tonya Allen: Finding inspiration in ... the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial

At a luncheon late last year, I had a “wow” moment — one of those times when you can't believe you’re experiencing or learning something so fantastic. It was a moment I almost missed, because it came during a busy day when I was running from meeting to meeting. I was tempted not to attend because the burdens of my daily schedule were overwhelming me, and I knew I had to drive later that afternoon to Flint. ... Read More

Clean up efforts provide encouragement, reaffirm mission

More than 600 volunteers joined forces last Saturday to board up 185 vacant homes near Cody High School in Detroit as part of national Make a Difference Day. The Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance, a resident-led coalition that's at the heart of our Good Neighborhoods work, was there, alongside volunteers from Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom. ... Read More

Cody Rouge community taking a hammer to blighted properties

To Kenyetta Campbell, each abandoned house in the Cody Rouge neighborhood is one more building that makes children fear for their safety. Each one, she says, needs to go. She’s getting her wish granted, at least in part, Saturday when 150 of those blighted properties will be cleaned and boarded, making the neighborhood that much safer. ... Read More

Join in: Social sphere invites everyone to put kids first

If you’re a Detroit enthusiast who is active on social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, you have probably noticed a positive narrative there about what’s happening in our city. Many in the social sphere are excited about the signs of revitalization happening in Detroit, and we at The Skillman Foundation are, too. But a lot of that conversation – and to a degree, what the media coverage focuses on – is limited geographically to what’s going on downtown and in Midtown. ... Read More

Giving time to our children gives hope for the future

Hopeless. I've heard children in Detroit are considered hopeless, schools in Detroit are hopeless, and families in Detroit are hopeless. If you listen to some media reports, you’d think everything in Detroit has become hopeless. The word hopeless means something is incurable, with no possibility for solution. Many times the future for children, schools and families in Detroit might seem bleak, but that future is far from hopeless. ... Read More

Touring streets gives Brenda Scott teachers insight to neighborhood

Last week, teachers from Brenda Scott Middle School gathered for a day of learning that didn't involve desks, overhead projectors or PowerPoint presentations. The group, almost all of them new hires through the Educational Achievement Authority, the new state-run school district for the lowest performing schools, stepped outside of the classroom to tour the Osborn neighborhood. ... Read More