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Blight Busters forms partnerships from tenants with reopening of main facility

Today will be remembered as a transformative day for the Motor City Blight Busters, an organization with nearly a quarter century-long history in Detroit. It’s the reopening and rededication of its main facility on the Blight Busters campus -- an event that not only puts a valuable resource back to use for the community but begins an imitative that should change the way Blight Busters collaborates with other organizations doing similar work. ... Read More

In Chicago as in Detroit, revitalizing neighborhoods, schools proves tough work

Last week, a team from The Skillman Foundation stood on a quiet street corner in the Chicago Lawn neighborhood, surrounded by stately brick homes that looked as if they held a vibrant past.

Now, at least half were boarded up and vacant.

There, we listened to a Chicago community organizer explain how his organization, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, has tried to combat the foreclosure crisis in that neighborhood. ... Read More

Community voices help refine our 2016 goals

One of the roles The Skillman Foundation plays is as a community convener. Whether it’s through neighborhood planning sessions, learning communities, Boys of Color symposiums or a host of other meetings and events, Foundation staff members spend a great deal of time bringing together partners, residents, youth and other stakeholders to learn and problem-solve together and to collaborate in new ways. ... Read More

Connections between youth and adults make kids matter

It always makes my day when I see someone around Detroit in a t-shirt that says, “Kids Matter Here.” It is one sign that I live in a city filled with adults who care about kids. Over the past year, The Skillman Foundation staff and partners have been thinking together about how to deepen connections for young people in Detroit and how caring adults play a critical role as connectors in the lives of young people. ... Read More