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Michelle Obama offers love, advice to college-bound Detroiters at DCAN kickoff

The event brought more than 2,000 seniors from across Detroit to Wayne State to celebrate the fact that next year, each one will be studying at a place of higher learning. Obama headlined a star-studded line-up of guest speakers as part of her Reach Higher campaign, which encourages kids across the nation to explore their college options. ... Read More

Principal managers from DPS, EAA, charters learning together through new network

This is Detroit. Where education conversations quickly devolve into a this-against-that rhetoric. Where one governance style is always pitted against another, and where schools must compete for too-few students. It’s not a place where you see different districts working together often. But again, this is Detroit. Where educators from all types of schools are absolutely committed to improving student outcomes. And where that common ground is bringing people together in uncommon ways. ... Read More

Guest post: Why I walked 80 miles to Lansing

Many people asked me, "Why did we walk from Detroit to Lansing?" We walked 80 miles for our education. We walked 80 miles to show legislatures that youth in Michigan care about their education and that zero-tolerance policies are forcing my peers out of school with suspensions and expulsions for minor infractions such as coming to school late, coming to school with no uniform on, or coming without their ID. ... Read More

Why we're taking on toxic stress in Detroit

The importance of investing in early childhood has been raised time and time again – by researchers, economists, doctors, educators, and more. There is no doubt that children’s cognitive development is being formed and strengthened during these early years. But what if we’re missing something? What if it’s not just about enrichment activities? ... Read More

Guest post: Glazer calls for charter policies that work for kids

Support for the concept of charters does not stop us from being disappointed in the results of far too many charters. And those disappointing results have meant that we have not been supportive of policy that allows unlimited charters––including virtual schools––without quality standards to open a first charter and even higher standards to be allowed to operate multiple charter schools. ... Read More