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$500K Innovation Challenge taps into Detroit's next generation

The Skillman Foundation, in partnership with the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, launched My Brother’s Keeper Detroit Innovation Challenge to invest $500,000 in programs that seek to empower Detroit’s young men of color.

More than 450 ideas were submitted for the first found of applications due March 18. The 100 most innovative ideas will be selected to move to round two and fill out a more robust application to build out their plan. ... Read More

Building Hope for Detroit's Young Men of Color

The MBK Detroit Innovation Challenge is a chance to turn issues into opportunities. To cultivate new leaders. To build hope. Importantly, young men of color will be involved in each step of the process, working shoulder-to-shoulder with other community members who are committed to standing with them and learning with them. After all, our youth not only possess the insight, but the drive and talent to plot their own path to greatness. ... Read More

Doctor treats youth violence epidemic

Dr. Tolulope Sonuyi, an emergency medicine physician at DMC Sinai Grace Hospital, has been an active member of My Brother’s Keeper Detroit since the initiative’s inception in December 2014. His contributions have been invaluable, providing ground-level insight on youth violence in Detroit and forging partnerships that have yielded quick action to diminish its prevalence. ... Read More

Guest post: Why I walked 80 miles to Lansing

Many people asked me, "Why did we walk from Detroit to Lansing?" We walked 80 miles for our education. We walked 80 miles to show legislatures that youth in Michigan care about their education and that zero-tolerance policies are forcing my peers out of school with suspensions and expulsions for minor infractions such as coming to school late, coming to school with no uniform on, or coming without their ID. ... Read More