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Creating a safe Detroit through police, resident partnership

Over the past couple of years we have been witness to a growing number of senseless and horrible acts of violence across the nation for which we have no real explanations or immediate answers. These acts of violence have fueled both anger and fear, and have the potential for major community disruption. ... Read More

Kids need a community of caring adults

“Children in Detroit are forced to be alone, and from that either become something or nothing,” said Angelina, a bright young woman who explained that she learned many life lessons on her own and by gleaning advice from friends who had strong support networks.

Growing up in poverty can be a very isolating experience. Survival replaces growth. Fear replaces hope. ... Read More

Tips for Grads

Skillman Foundation staff share words of encouragement with our Detroit graduates!  ... Read More

Stanford grad thankful for Detroit supporters

Almost a year ago, a dream that once felt intangible transformed into my reality. Last June, I graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in African and African American Studies and a minor in Creative Writing.
Although college was a time of abundant opportunity, I often struggled to overcome fears of inadequacy. ... Read More

Detroit schooling chaos

If you listen to the advocates for an unregulated marketplace model for Detroit education you hear two arguments. One ideological: markets work better than government; And two: that charters in Detroit are outperforming district schools. They contend the system of authorizing charters is working. As we have explored previously, the data on student achievement in Detroit charter schools also does not support the claim that the current system working is for charter schools students. ... Read More

Letter from Detroit student, Imani Harris

My name is Imani Harris. I am a very concerned sophomore at Renaissance High School.

I am writing this letter because I am appalled. I am appalled at the fact that there was ever a thought that already struggling teachers should work for free while our emergency manager, legislatures, etc. continue to be paid. ... Read More