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Life Remodeled coming to Cody Rouge this August

The idea is to bring together thousands of volunteers over a span of six days in August to renovate the schools in a transformative way. Kenyetta Campbell, executive director of the Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance (CRCAA), said already she’s felt a sense of optimism rising in her community. People who she’s longed to get more involved in the community are speaking up, she said, including alumni of Cody High School. ... Read More

#EdMattersHere: Persistent support sets student on right path

When I graduated from elementary school, my reading and math skills were at a third-grade level. So I was placed in special education in middle school. Those became the three most defining years of my life. The guilt and humiliation that I harbored deep within caused me to build a defense around myself to hide the disappointment I felt with my progress. ... Read More

Get ready for education conversation at Mackinac

The Skillman Foundation is sponsoring a lunch panel on Thursday called “Detroit: The Final Frontier of Education Reform.” Mary Kramer, the publisher of Crain’s Detroit Business and a Skillman Trustee, will moderate the panel discussion featuring John Covington, head of the Education Achievement Authority, CEO of Excellent Schools Detroit Dan Varner, and Gov. Rick Snyder. They’ll discuss how combining online learning, innovative public policy, bold leadership, and high-quality classroom teaching is helping to turn Detroit schools from abysmal to elite. It runs from noon to 1 p.m. in the Brighton Pavilion at the Grand Hotel. ... Read More