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Why we're taking on toxic stress in Detroit

The importance of investing in early childhood has been raised time and time again – by researchers, economists, doctors, educators, and more. There is no doubt that children’s cognitive development is being formed and strengthened during these early years. But what if we’re missing something? What if it’s not just about enrichment activities? ... Read More

Guest post: Detroit youth worker on how training course changed her life

I was trained to teach poetry, which often involves encouraging students to open up and express themselves creatively. But I had very little training or experience in youth care. I was equipped with lesson plans and expertise in the literary arts, but the way I interacted with students during a 25-week residency was based on instincts, best guesses, and classroom management techniques I learned from teachers. ... Read More

Answers for FAQs on our new youth development RFP

Earlier this month, the Foundation announced a new RFP process for funding youth development work. The process includes the introduction of the ACT framework, which stands for Achieving-Connecting-Thriving. All future youth development funding will be streamlined through this RFP process. On July 9, the Foundation held a technical assistance session to answer applicant questions about the RFP. Here, we’ve compiled those questions and answers. This blog post will be updated periodically until the RFP deadline of Aug. 5 with new questions and answers. We will also host a second technical assistance session from 5-6:30 p.m. on July 22 at our office. Whether you can attend or not, questions are also welcome at grants@skillman.org. ... Read More

A vote for a children’s agenda

It’s hard to fathom that for a city that has undergone such immense change in recent years, more is on the way for Detroiters. This fall, residents will elect a new mayor, as well as a new city council, which for the first time, will be elected by district. That’s a lot of change in one Election Day. ... Read More