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Real Change Takes More Than Money

Years ago when I first began to work at the Skillman Foundation I had the good fortune to work with Ed Meade, who had recently retired from the Ford Foundation after more than 30 years as a leading light in the philanthropic community. Ed helped me develop what became the Foundation’s first major initiative, the 10-year $20-million Comer Schools and Families Initiative. The initiative launched in 1992 in partnership with a committed set of parents, teachers, school administrators, union leaders and university professionals. Fast-forward to today, when the Foundation has recently completed its largest and most ambitious initiative to date, our 10-year, $100-million Good Neighborhoods Initiative. ... Read More

Our New Strategic Approaches

In this blog, we've outlined our Strategic Approaches for driving change under our new framework of three Impact Areas -- Education, Equity and Economy -- to benefit Detroit children. ... Read More