Academy inspires Detroit's next food entrepreneurs

Brenda Harvey talks about her experience as a student of Detroit Food Academy,
a non-profit that works with local educators, chefs, and business owners to inspire young Detroiters aged 13-24 years old through self-directed entrepreneurial experiences rooted in food. 

Brenda Harvey

Brenda Harvey (left) and her sister Brandy (right)

Two years ago, my sister and I were walking through the hallways of Central High after school and we passed her chemistry teacher’s room. There was an after-school program being held there -- Detroit Food Academy. We joined that day and learned some basic knife skills. We really liked the program and even told a few other people about it and got them to join also. We learned to plan and prepare meals on a budget, played games, learned about food justice issues, and made our own product to sell at school.

Going to the DFA program was something I looked forward to, especially since I got to do it with my friends. One day I came in and I was told that we were going to be on the news, which was super exciting. I was kind of shy and didn't want to get interviewed, so you could only see me in the background, making granola bars!

That summer, I interviewed for a position in DFA's summer program. It was my first interview and though I was nervous, I got the position.The program was amazing! We made our own product (my group made popcorn) and it was sold at different farmers markets throughout the week. I sold product at a little garden in the middle of downtown, which was pretty cool. Once a week, I got to have an internship with Treats by Angelique and I learned that there's so much to starting a business than I ever thought about.

When the program ended at the end of the summer, we all cried. I joined again the next summer, and the school year after that.

Through DFA, I started working with Small Batch Detroit to sell Mitten Bites, a product created by DFA students. 

Currently in the DFA, we are planning on a pop-up restaurant and a trip to Chicago. Both will be in June and I'm super excited.

It's been an incredible experience. 


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The Skillman Foundation and Detroit Children's Fund, an affiliate charitable organization of the Skillman Foundation, provide funding support to the Detroit Food Academy.