Webinars! Deep Dives into the Foundation's New Impact Areas

For the past 11 years, the Skillman Foundation focused the majority of its efforts and resources with the aim of improving conditions for children in six Detroit neighborhoods. This year, we've spent time reflecting deeply on our lessons learned and strengths developed over that time, as well as contemplating the most pressing needs and ripe opportunities we could influence to benefit youth in Detroit today. We're grateful for all the partners, parents, and young people that shared their insights with us during this process. Getting our strategy right so we can make the greatest impact possible for Detroit children is critical. We're confident that the path we've laid out will best allow us to reach the future we want to see for our city and its youth. And we know we won't be walking this path alone, but in tandem with many other organizations and individuals who put kids first.

To that end, we are holding a series of webinars to share our new strategy, explaining what we've chosen to focus our efforts on and why, and answering any questions we've left unanswered. We hope these conversations will spur partnerships, from future grant partnerships to cross-sector alliances.

Each webinar will provide a deep dive into one of three Impact Areas the Foundation is focusing on: Education, Economy & Equity. Please register to join us!


Our vision: Detroit children will have the opportunity to receive a quality education and build life-long skills through a continuum of learning opportunities.

Learn more Tuesday, Nov 14 from 11am - noon EST. 

Register here for the Education webinar



Our vision: Detroit youth will be prepared for and connected to an ever-evolving economy.

Learn more Wednesday, Nov 15 from 2 - 3 pm EST.

Register here for the Economy webinar



Our vision: Detroit youth will have access and agency, allowing them to benefit from and contribute to Detroit's recovery.

Learn more: Wednesday, Nov 15 from 3 - 4 pm EST

Register here for the Equity webinar