Grants Map


The Skillman Foundation has partnered with the New York City-based Foundation Center to provide Skillman Foundation website visitors with a custom version of the Foundation Center’s Foundation Maps data visualization platform to illustrate the scope and reach of the Skillman Foundation’s work in Detroit.

Foundation Maps: Skillman shows all Skillman Foundation grants — greater than $5,000 from 2007 to the present — awarded to Detroit nonprofits.

Foundation Maps: Skillman is designed for fellow grantmakers, grant seekers, policymakers, researchers, journalists, and academics. Users can visualize grant data to create compelling visual portraits showing where the Skillman Foundation is making an impact, and where opportunities exist to fill critical needs.

Skillman Foundation website visitors can create maps to visualize the scope and reach of our work to:

  • Explore Detroit-area nonprofit organizations and drill down for details about them and the grants they’ve received from the Skillman Foundation
  • Focus on issues and neighborhoods where the Skillman Foundation works
  • Use zoom tools to focus narrowly or broadly

Foundation Maps: Skillman is a powerful tool for transparency that will be updated regularly. Both the Skillman Foundation and Foundation Center believe this powerful new tool can be replicated by other place-based foundations across the country.

The Map is currently down for construction. We are working with the Foundation Center to get it back up as soon as possible. Please contact us at 313-393-1185 with any questions about our grants.