Ashley Marie Aidenbaum

Ashley Marie Aidenbaum, special projects manager, joined the Foundation in 2014. Aidenbaum works to strengthen the leadership, strategic communications and project management of the Foundation's Office of the President. She has dedicated her career to supporting leadership in worthy efforts. Before joining the Foundation, Aidenbaum spent six years helping to grow the Detroit-based media company Issue Media Group. As group publisher and director of business development, she drove the company’s expansion into new markets and helped to build their capacity. Prior to that, she worked as a policy consultant for the Michigan State Housing Development Authority through Public Policy Associates in Lansing, supporting former Governor Jennifer Granholm’s Cool Cities Initiative and other place-based revitalization work. She came to the Foundation with a passion for promoting literacy in Detroit as a key to a healthy democracy and a functioning city. Aidenbaum graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in cultural anthropology and a minor in history. She advocates for parks, libraries and great public spaces that promote community and civic engagement. She lives in downtown Birmingham and serves on the board of directors for the Baldwin Public Library.